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Crime of Passion

I look at him and know it will be different

He doesn’t have the same fire as you did

The same fight or will

But I chose his body

to fill the needy void you left

when you set me free

I should have stayed with you

Not been another one-night cliché

I knew it was your first time too

You were so nervous

so tense

The way your auburn hair shivered

as I cut through the strands

feeling the subtle vibrations of your eyelashes

as they clawed at the back of the blindfold

The soft tantalizing purse of your lips

every time they stuttered please

The way each breath pressed against me

as I slid through your goosebumps

They told me to be gentler

But it was your reflection

that little pucker before the please

I couldn’t help but thrust myself into you

And with a scream

you took every inch I had to offer

you were so warm

so wet

I wanted to stay inside you

but I was pulled out

You regrouped on the floor and begged

And I begged for time to allow me

to savor you

I followed you down

and thrusted into you again

and again

I should have stopped

told you it was my first time also

but I think you knew

I was frantic, sloppy

I couldn’t help myself

I needed you

as if being inside you

gave me purpose

I became obsessively desperate

to be drenched in your warmth

relying too heavily

on the jackhammer technique

splattering evidence of my inexperience

on every witnessing surface

Even though I was tired

I made sure to finish you off

I looked at you

from across the crimson lake

wondering how anyone

could consider this a crime

And as you drifted

I was whisked away

never to know if

it was as good for you

as it was for me.

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