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Fairy Godfather Tidbit

“Merta!” For her size, Evie’s voice carries significantly across the grounds. “Franklyn’s here and it’s time for high tea!”

The ground trembles as a towering girl with olive skin, who must be at least seven feet tall, runs toward us. Her burlap crop top and shorts barely contain her extremely muscular physique, and I’m pretty sure I’m about the same size as one of her arms. Half if she flexes. She’s a bit unnerving. And her strong facial features make it hard for me to decide if I should run or wait to verify she truly is Merta.

The girl stops her running and takes a couple large strides to me. Guess I lost my chance at running. She puts out her hand, and we exchange a firm handshake. She pulls her stringy green hair behind her ear and turns to the side to show off her small brownish-purple wings. “I’m Merta. The first troll-fairy godmother.”

I instantly feel relieved at the sight of her wings. I’m practically in awe of Merta and admittedly feel more normal in her presence. How long have I been awestruck? Definitely been speechless for an uncomfortable amount of time. I need to say something, but the only things that come to my mind to say are the same typical things that have been said to me over the years. Can you do magic? What’s your magic like? Are you really going to be a godmother? And I know she must have been asked them repeatedly too.

“I know, right?” Merta says at my silence. “You should have seen my parents’ faces when my wings appeared.”

“My mother expected me to have wings,” Evie chimes in. “But I think she was hoping for a different color.”

“So you’re a fairy fairy?” I’m still not sure how Evie is considered a special case.

“Sort of. I’m was infused with fairy magic when I was in the womb.”


“Her mother is an evil queen.” Merta interjects.

“She’s not really a queen anymore. She lost the kingdom a long time ago. But she keeps the title. I’m not a princess or anything. But I’m excited to help princesses as the first evil-queen-fairy godmother ever! Breaking down evil stereotypes!” Evie punches and kicks into the air.

“Are you considered evil then?”

“Me? Evil?” Evie stops kicking and give another loud villainous laugh like before. And then delivers a somewhat sinister smile. “I’m kidding! You have to have a heart of darkness to be considered evil, and they couldn’t find an ounce in me. It’s why I wasn’t allowed to go to the School of Villainy, even though my mom was part of the PTA.”

“And I thought I’d be the weird one,” Merta says, as she makes her way to the barn.

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