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For Fourteen Dilkens

Guiretre hated traveling to Vollkomme; of all the established colonies on Earth, she considered it to be the worse. An obnoxious male dominated colony augmenting a resurrected belief of perfection. Literally, the worse. Even the Death Bringers weren’t that bad; they at least had the best bakery on the planet. Kog, she could go for one of The Ruffin Man’s cream filled doughnuts right now. Guiretre’s stomach growled in agreement. Once she got this trip to Vollkomme over with, she would have enough money to eat as many doughnuts as she desired.

Guiretre stepped into the transfer pod and selected her destination. Fourteen dilkens for a round-trip transfer to Vollkomme?! She reluctantly deposited the money and waited as the body scan invaded her privacy.

“Name?” A young male’s voice echoed through the pod.

“Guiretre Branx”

She knew the man would be taken aback by the pitch of her voice, it was one of the only feminine things left about her. Well that, and her secret love of the color pink.


“Outer-rings human.”

There was a decent length pause before the man continued. “Um…gender?”


“I’m sorry.” The infamous condescending tone of Vollkomme invaded his pleasantness. “Vollkomme is a human or enhanced-human male colony only. Human females are not permitted unless brought in--”

She pushed up the sleeve of her jacket, displaying her flawless albino skin. “I’m coming for harvest.”

“Transfer granted.”

Fourteen dilkens for a thirty second materialization process…someone in transport is profiting.

The pod doors opened and Guiretre stepped out into the transfer hall of Vollkomme. The black tiled floor accentuated the white walls and banners that hung throughout. The phallic symbols scattered about seemed to mock her presence.

The young man behind the transfer voiced stepped over to her; a red toga draped over his trim frame. His hair was the color of faded straw and parted to one side by an immaculate shine. Expressionless eyes of unnatural turquoise pierced through a sea of faint cream skin. His posture and movements were almost robotic as he examined her.

“Your skin.” He ran his fingertips delicately over her arm. “It is so pure and smooth. Like fresh snow on Ogall."

“Lotion.” Guiretre said as she pulled her arm back.

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