• Eddie Fogler

Forgotten Taste

I jump.

From the life I barely know

Over the achievers who would not know me

Rain echoes encouragement

Go on

Go on

Go on

Open the gates

Thoughts take the plunge

Join whispers lost in the wind

One floating step

In front of the other

Walk a solitary parade

The top

A place that was never home

Obey the charm of seductive stairs

Leave comfort to paint a biased picture

Need outside the internal darkness

Wave to a peering shadow

During my world’s cursed caesura

Battered routines

Mundane monotony

Go on

Battered routines

Mundane monotony

Go on

Stagnant quiet inhabits space

Hold the door ajar for any hope to seep out

The frame of emptiness

Realms wrestle for my recluse soul

Wait for the winner to be crowned

Like a raindrop lost in an ocean

Dying for the forgotten taste of loving life.

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