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House of Poison and Spice Part 2

I message Cinnamon again.

Kill logged and I’m still on top baby!

No shit. Seriously. Hurry up and get back. RA wants to see us.

Fuck. Why would Raggedy Anthrax want to see us? I’ve only met the Director of Poisons once before. Graduation. And it was only briefly. A handshake, congratulations, and my codename reveal. Since then, he’s always off being a liaison with the other houses. Rumor is he inherited his position from his father somehow through some ancient rule. Makes sense to me. How else could such a prim and proper young man with a nondisclosed kill list be in charge of the deadliest of houses.

Even when he’s not in the house, his goofy smile haunts the animated walls with his positivity in the house initiative. Take it one kill at a time. Save the environment and jet share. Not just a house but a family. Don’t wipe your ass on other people’s things…I can’t remember them all. Just that his face is on every single one of them. Thank god he isn’t ugly.

Hopefully Cinnamon didn’t volunteer us for one of his posters.

What does he want?

Didn’t say.

Did he sound pissed or happy?

Somewhere in between? He just said that as soon as you got back to the house for the both of us to report immediately to his office.


Don’t stress Joanie. I don’t think it’s anything bad. You’re the top assassin in the house. Maybe a promotion?

Promotion to what?!

I don’t know! Just staying positive. Anyways…I moved your flight to this evening.

Same rendezvous point?


Copy. See you soon.

I give it a beat and send the Fingers crossed emoji. Cinnamon is probably just as worried and anxious as I am. Actually, she’s probably more stressed. I don’t know how much more tightly wound that girl can get. To be fair, she’s been talking about wanting to become a Director since she became my handler. But there’s no way they would promote junior level agents so soon. No matter how good we are.

I shove Paula’s brief into my pack, take out my gloves, and put them back on. Don’t want to accidentally kill someone when I’m rushing. I have decent control over my powers, but I’m never sure how potent I am at any given moment. Paula’s record-breaking death makes me think I’m getting stronger.

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