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House of Poison and Spice Part 4

Viceroy X waves his citizen card into the aisle. “Attendant!”

One of the holographic attendants flickers down from the ceiling. “How may I be of assistance.”

“Please escort me to one of the private cabins.”

The A.I. scans his citizen card. “Right this way, sir.”

Viceroy X stands up to follow the hologram but then takes the opportunity to lean forward into me. His velvet laced body lingers just inches from me, and as he breathes, his stomach gets horrifically closer. I nearly choke from the up-close experience of his poor taste.

“Feel free to join me, Joan,” he says as his hand finds my knee again. “My accommodations are always clothing optional.”

The thought of being with him shoots through my mind and instantly makes my whole body gag. I wish I could just lace him with a crap ton of arsenic like all my other problems, but members of our household are immune to all sorts of poisons. It’s a blessing but feels like a fucking curse right now. My hand to hand combat is subpar at best. And I guess I’d technically get in trouble for killing a fellow agent. Cinnamon would be pissed too.

I continue to restrain myself as Viceroy X gives my knee a pat and leaves. He follows the hologram into the next car, and my limbs finally relax. I wonder how long he’ll wait in his cabin expecting me. Now that I think about it, he most likely knows what rendezvous point I’ll be using. Mint, Viceroy X’s handler, was an accomplished hacker before being recruited into the household. Now, Mint acts like Viceroy X’s wingman. Sending him on assignment in locations with the highest percentages of women on dating apps.

I’m just about to message Cinnamon about my recent horrific encounter when the tram comes to a sudden stop.

Numerous holograms pop down from the ceiling. Their robotic blue faces coldly repeating the same phrase: Please remain calm. The tram will resume momentarily.

“Joan!” Viceroy X comes running back into my car.

I swear I won’t be able to restrain myself if he tries to get me into his private cabin again. His persistence is not endearing. Maybe if I stick my leg out at the right time, he’ll rack his nuts on my heels. With my luck, he has a foot fetish. Although, his face appears more distraught than horny.

“Joan,” Viceroy repeats as he gets closer. “Run!”

Something whizzes by my cheek, through my hair, and into my headrest. Was the fuck was that? Another object embeds into the seat next to my shoulder. Seriously, what the fuck?!

Viceroy X grabs my arm and yanks me out of my seat as he continues to run. The car lights up with screams as the rest of the passengers get up and start to scramble out. Their panicked cries battle the repetitive holograms. Blood splatters around me as more projectiles pierce through the crowd.

I sneak a quick look back as we make it into the next car. Standing at the opposite end is a petite feminine figure in a silver catsuit. She’s wearing a hood and mask, so I can’t make out her face. She gives me a wave and blows a kiss, sending more projectiles through the car and shattering glass doors.

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