• Eddie Fogler

I may I might

Every night I wait

for you to see me first.

I would build for you kingdoms

in however few

or many fars:

forests of different appeals

filled with sugar-treated cottages,

or lockable towers

behind guarded castles.

I would provide for you friends,

creatures with a magical flair:

a lion,

a tiger,

or fashionable mice,

talking fish,

or opinionated furniture.

I would conjure for you evil

to add in a little more drama:

a starved wolf,

unruly queen,

scheming stepmother

or sorcerer,

or just a basic


I would write for you lyrics

to sing in both good and bad times;

maybe a curse or a spell

with truly lovely loopholes:

anything as long as it rhymes.

I would enchant for you items,

things to keep you unique:

temperamental porridge

or restless peas,

a hood,

a sword,

or a nice pair of shoes.

I would find for you heroes,

whether you need them or not:

a prince,

a princess,

or flashy knight,

ancestors or fairies

of various relations,

anyone to help make the ending,

after everything,


When you see me first,

tell me your wish,

and I will create

your story.

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