• Eddie Fogler

Out of the Woods

Come find me

a Whisper giggles

as it travels through the forest

chasing my footsteps

its laughter echoes

across the cackling leaves

growing in boldness

taking my missteps

as chances to nip at my heels

I stumble

along the splattered shadows

of the maze-like gauntlet

twisted branches beat

and claw at my body

stripping me down

to little human scraps

but the Whisper

still recognizes me

under the bloody camo

Come find me

it taunts and taunts and taunts

I nod to the

trees and bushes

I’ve met before

but they continue

to keep the sun a secret

night keeps me company

on my next round

and pushes me

to lap the Whisper

and begin to chase its giggle

the bones of my hands

almost grasping its tail end

but it dodges each attempt

so the remainder of myself

stays lost in the forest

finding nothing.

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