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Sidekick-ed Prologue

Another slab of concrete wizzes by my head a little closer than the last one. Her aim has either improved, or I’m moving too slow. We should have taken time to grab some coffee along the way; it’s too early for this shit. Only the D’Vile Sisters would try and do some convoluted scheme before dawn. I fling a couple large bombs at Sister Calamity to distract her and teleport up into the rafters. I’m going to need a nap after all of this.

“Running away already?” Sister Calamity mocks as she wipes off the glitter from her face.

“Not running, Sister C,” I’m not one to give into taunts, but at this time in the day, I’m still wearing my sassy pants, well, sassy pajamas. “Just trying to get my steps in before this is all over.”

With an exaggerated grunt, Sister Calamity blindly throws some rubble up at the direction of my voice, but I teleport out before it crashes through the beams. I quickly reappear in front of her and slam a compact glitter bomb into her eyes and phase back a safe distance. She screams in agony as she punches around aimlessly.

To be fair, having regular glitter shoved into your eyes would be painful, and my glitter bombs are way more intense. A combustible body and skin cells that harden into metal is a brutal combination. Sister Calamity has every right to continue her obnoxious screaming about the hundreds of tiny scraps of metal scratching her retinas. Okay, maybe it was a bitch-move to do a bomb into someone’s eyes, but again, I’m tired. And at least the metallic sheen makes them colorful. That’s joyous.

I hurl a few more bombs at Sister Calamity to keep her subdued. Ugh. I forgot to activate the fitness tracker on my suit, so none of this is even counting. We’re going to have to thwart another evil plan later in order for me to hit any of my fitness goals. Maybe Dr. Vanity will be up to something that’s more cardio heavy.

“G.B.!” Magna Angel’s voice is peppy as she calls for me, so I know she just wants to run some of the new combo moves we’ve been practicing.

“On my way, M.A.!”

Not sure what she’s planning, but I’m ready to see our moves in action. We’ve been constantly training at hand-to-hand combat ever since I became her sidekick, but it wasn’t until recently that we started testing out how our powers work together. The way her hellfire latches onto the metal of my bombs is magical. Like shimmery explosive fireflies of literal fire. And last week she figured out a way to shoot hellfire into my teleportations without burning me anymore.

I quickly teleport upside down above Magna Angel and scoop up some of the blue fire surrounding her.

“G.B. wait!” Magna Angel screams just before I teleport out.

But I can’t stop myself. It’s too late; I’m already crossing dimensions. There's just an anxious hush and then everything goes black.

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