• Eddie Fogler

Simon Said

Simon Wilkins once said That freckles were where the angels Pinched the baby Before it crawled out of its mother’s tummy I didn’t remember being pinched But it must have been true So we counted the freckles All over my body Hundreds of them I cried because I thought the angels hated me “They only pinch the cute babies,” Simon said.

Simon Wilkins once said That girls kiss different than boys Lipstick makes the girl’s lips harder and tough Boys have to have strong and powerful kisses Like the movies We practiced kissing Every day after school So we would be ready for our first kisses I jumped when I felt his tongue “Using your tongue means you really like them,” Simon said.

Simon Wilkins once said That sleeping naked Would help our willies grow bigger Night was when your body grew the most I wanted my willy to be big So every sleepover We’d hop into my bed Remove our pajamas Then in the middle of the night Compare our sizes I woke to him holding me “Body heat helps them grow together,” Simon said.

Simon Wilkins said nothing The day I told him I loved him.

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