• Eddie Fogler


“Seriously, Potto?” Torwin pushed aside the dingy sheer curtains to the bunk and stepped in. “Are you even going to test something this month?”

“They don’t really work.” He gestured towards the set of four metal chips on the crate next to him.

“I don’t know why you bother signing up for the Wellness Program if you’re not even going to take it seriously.”

Potto swung his feet down and rolled up into a sitting position on the edge of his bed. The bottom half of his stomach protruded out from the usual yellow shirt he was stuffed into. “I like to challenge them.”

“What do these things even do?” Torwin reached over to the crate and picked up one of the metal chips, examining it closer. It was roughly the size of a domino and had a small shallow hole in the center.

“Here.” Potto hopped off the bed, grabbed the other chips, and wobbled over.

“They’re voice activated. Hold out your wrists.”

Torwin scrunched up his jacket sleeves, smearing oil and dirt up his arm in the process. He held out his arms in front of him and handed Potto the chip.

Potto held the over Torwin’s wrist and cleared his throat. “Left wrist set.”

A deep purple generated out from the tiny hole and encased Torwin’s arm in an electro-plasma field. Potto continued setting up the remaining chips: right wrist, left ankle, and right ankle.

“Now what?” Torwin marveled at the simplicity of the purple field. He was use to the more complex designs of the combative engineers.

“Jumping jacks. Two sets of twenty-five,” Potto ordered.

Using the magnetic components and gravitational pulls of their electrical composition, the metal chips forced Torwin’s body into the first set of jumping jacks. Despite their assistance, Torwin was still a little winded when they gave him a break from the exercise.

“I figured out how to cheat at them. It wasn’t hard." As the second set started for Torwin, Potto sat back on his bed. "I'm pretty sure my Engineer is going to hate me, when I tell her I beat another one of her gadgets, but as long as I get my food tokens, I don't care."

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