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The Merman

The clouds cursed the ocean with blaring strikes and a downpour of insults that pecked at the water But the ocean fought back with an onslaught of waves that marked the clouds in horrific bruises and I was caught between them a floating wreck of a soul abandoned by a dying ship

They both tried to claim me the clouds sending winds to sweep me up the ocean rolling waves to hold me closer

I was treading lightly waiting for the winner to have me when a torso of a man

appeared before me

I became fixated on him admiring his beauty a strong, delicate face like sea cliffs flowing locks the color of desert sand eyes like speckled granite

In his calm aura I asked “Who are you?” “I am a merman” his voice sang through the battle “I have come for you.” I wanted to ask if he was real or if salty tears and gulps had muddied my mind

“I will take you to land” the merman reassured “so your feet can touch ground.”

The merman dipped under wrapped his arms around my failing legs and pulled me away down to the earth that rested silently in the deep.

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