Buried Treasure

Issue 46 December 2020

Umbrella Factory Magazine

"It was hot out, and the fields were full of grasshoppers. The big ones that didn’t just jump, but they also flew away from you when you tried to catch them."

Racist Chameleon

Volume 9

Vagabonds: Anthology of the Mad Ones

"His twisting eyes 
circled down his nose at me"


Issue 16 Fall 2020

Door Is A Jar Literary Magazine

"Despite my mercy
The snow continued to cry"


Acceptance, April 2019

Literally Stories

"'Do it,' a gentle voice whispered. 'Throw me. I dare you.'"

Droning On

Issue 3, 2019

ExoPlanet Magazine

"The first one came on a simple, sunny Wednesday. Unassuming and dismissive."


"Still he crept forward draped in his finest fines."

Distant Fortunes

Issue 1, Beginnings

Self Published

Hard copies available, please click link below to email purchase request to Eddie.

Rose-Colored Dreams

No. 6 / Fall 2020


"I fell asleep
in the arms of wildflowers

Party Guest

Issue 16 Fall 2020

Door Is A Jar Literary Magazine

"I had been doing my best for Mingle
making sure I was 

going outside my"

Watering the Lillies

From the Depths, Issue 17, 2019

Haunted Waters Press

"So I stayed to watch as she watered the lillies, and the rain continued to fall around us."

A Love Story

Volume 1, Issue 2, 2018

From Whispers to Roars

"My lips held the scent of menthol from when I kissed the back of his head, and my breaths relived it."

Some Advice

Acceptance, 2019

Sirens Call Publications 

"Run Little One. Run."

All Aboard

Issue 41, 2020

Umbrella Factory Magazine

"Sit with me. Let their muttered words flutter by."

Bleached Asshole

Volume 9

Vagabonds: Anthology of the Mad Ones

"Everyone tried to tell me
I was too good for you
That you were an asshole"

My Fireflies

Issue 16 Fall 2020

Door Is A Jar Literary Magazine

"Little glints of light
that once frolicked through the fields of early summer nights

To See the Elephants

Splash!, 2020

Haunted Waters Press

"Back inside. Rocking chair. Prepare lunch. Soup. Turn on the fights. Velcro. Right shoe. Slipper."

Simon Said

Autumn Gloom, 2019

Capsule Stories

"Simon Wilkins once said that girls kissed different than boys."

Of Course It Was Raining

"There was a glaze over your eyes...."

Wife Material...

Gravitas Volume 19 Issue 2, 2020

Pub House Books

"Can we just get together for dinner or something?"

Published Works